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BA (Bachelor of Arts)

An undergraduate program in liberal arts

The college offers an undergraduate program in liberal Arts, B A. The program is spread over three years and is offered in multiple combinations like

  • Kannada - Political Science
  • Kannada - Economics
  • Sociology - Political Science
  • Kannada - History
  • Sociology - Economics
  • Applied Statistics - Political Science
  • Sociology - History
  • Applied Statistics - Economics
  • Applied Statistics - History
  • Hindi - Economics
  • Hindi - Political Science
  • Hindi - History
  • Hindi - Economics
  • History - Political Science
  • OEC

The curriculum is designed to hone the students in public research, subject analysis, and communication depending upon the respective subject chosen for graduation. Upon the successful completion of the course, students can pursue Master of Arts (MA), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) and many other professional diploma courses. The candidates will also be eligible for jobs of political analyst or consultant, historian, academic writer, professor, Executive assistant, social worker, etc., in both private and public sector organizations.