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Tree Plantation


  • To make the campus eco-friendly.
  • To make the campus pollution-free.
  • To make the campus more attractive and beautiful.
  • To create a healthy climate.
  • To encourage students to plant more saplings.
  • To grow medicinal plants.

The context

This locality comes under the drought-prone area of Northern Karnataka, and as per Dr Nanjundappa Commission Report on Regional Imbalance; our taluka is recognised as the most backward. Social forestry was critically needed to maintain the ecosystem of this area. Keeping this in mind, the institute took up a tree plantation program to create awareness of the environment.

The Practice

The institution has implemented the practice of tree plantation in collaboration with the forest department and with the help of NSS volunteers. This is carried out under the able supervision of faculty. Both the top management and the institution have extended their support to implement this unique practice successfully. The NSS volunteers and faculty well maintain the plantation.

Evidence of Success

  • There are 1234 trees and plants on the campus.
  • The campus has become more attractive and beautiful.
  • It is now an Eco-friendly campus.