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President's Message

BLDEA's Basaveshwara Arts & Commerce College, Basavana Bagewadi

Hon’ble Dr. M.B.Patil - President

Challenges bring out the best in us. If this is true, then now is the time BLDEA should strive to grow into a global educational organization in the face of growing challenges and competition. I hope everyone working for BLDEA will realize what is expected from them and will contribute the best they can to make this organization genuinely world-class.

BLDEA has a history of over 110 years and has become a prestigious educational organization today due to the tireless efforts of its visionary leaders. They have led the organization successfully during its different phases of growth. While growth and development is just one part of the story, the other part of the story is BLDEA's social commitment.

BLDEA's mission is to serve the less privileged and create a just and meaningful society. I am confident that BLDEA has always stood by its mission and made a substantial contribution to change the lives of the people of North Karnataka since its inception.